What are breeches? Cuts, types, and materials of breeches

Pikeur Summer 2020 breeches

Breeches are pants that were designed for horseback riding. They are characterized by a seamless cut that provides comfort and safety while riding. However, beginners might find it difficult to pick the right model for them, as the choice depends on the level of advancement and individual preferences. What are breeches and what kinds can you buy?

What are breeches?

Horseback riding becomes more and more popular. Some time ago, equestrianism was associated with an exclusive sport that only wealthy people could afford. Some people still associate it with very posh horse races. However, currently, this trend becomes more common and equestrian equipment sells better than ever. Among necessary accessories for people who would love to get into horseback riding, there are breeches, namely a type of pants that are an essential part of the outfit. Breeches have certain properties that make the ride more pleasant and safer. They are made in such a way that they do not restrict movements while riding. On the inner side, there are no seams. The task of breeches is to protect the rider from chafing and to provide better adhesion in the saddle.

Types of breeches

Pants for horse riding called breeches are available in many versions. Here are some of the most crucial criteria to take into consideration while buying a pair.

Types of grips

Grips improve adhesion in the saddle. They most often come as leather patches. They could be in pieces or whole and go over the buttocks and the inner side of the thighs. Why are grips usually made of leather? Because leather keeps the rider excellently in the saddle. However, currently, it is often replaced with synthetic fibers that imitate suede. Grips are also elements that make the breeches more durable as they have no seams.

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Knee grip

Example of breeches with knee patch (made by Italian manufacturer Equiline)

Breeches with knee grip have the reinforcement around the knees. Because of that, these parts of the legs have better adhesion while riding. A knee grip is recommended for jumping riders and people, who ride recreationally, but know their way around the saddle and can perform well on a horse. This variation is not recommended for beginners.

Full grip

Kingsland leggings with full grip (silicone layer)

Breeches with a full seat are especially recommended for beginners and those, who want maximal safety in the saddle. The strengthening in this type of breeches is on the calves, inner side of the thighs, and the bottom. These grips are made most often of cotton, leather, silicone, or suede. Currently, the most popular material in the production of this type of grip is silicone, as it not only perfectly works in the saddle, but is also durable and relatively cheap. This proposition is for beginners and people, who do not feel very secure in the saddle yet.

Breeches cut

Jockeys’ breeches

You could say that in other words, these are equestrian leggings. They fit the body perfectly and highlight the shapes. They fit snugly all the way to the ankles. While choosing a type of breeches, it is good to find the golden mean. The form of pants is allowed, but they cannot fit the legs too tightly as this might cause discomfort. They also cannot be too thin. It may turn out that a pair that seems perfectly comfortable on the ground, would be unbearable on the horse. In the winter, we recommend using softshell leggings. They will surely be appreciated by people, who love riding during winter when the weather is not very favorable.

Puffy breeches

You should remember that puff breeches are slightly looser around the thighs. For many people, they are a much more comfortable alternative to equestrian leggings. The choice depends on your individual needs.

What to pay attention to while buying breeches?

While buying breeches, you should pay attention to a couple of crucial factors. Firstly, you need to properly choose the size to maximize comfort while riding. Additionally, you should pick a material that would not be too stiff or too delicate as it might get damaged. You must also choose the right grip. Full seat breeches are recommended for beginners and people who are not too sure in the saddle. They provide excellent adhesion. While knee grip breeches are recommended for experienced and jumping riders.

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