Veredus XC Boots – All-Terrain Extreme Protection For Your Horse

Veredus XC Boots – All-Terrain Extreme Protection For Your Horse

Veredus cross country boots provide all-terrain protection for your horse. These cross country boots feature AEROX(r) micro perforated neoprene which allows heat to escape from your horse’s legs as they run, while 3D mesh ducted fabric channels this away for maximum comfort.

Veredus E-VENTO XC Front Boots

The E-VENTO XC Front boots are specifically designed for event horses, featuring a flexible soft channel shell with foam strike plates that offer more freedom of movement than traditional cross country boots with metal plates. Wide velcro straps distribute pressure evenly across your horse’s leg while Veredus’ proprietary AEROX neoprene wicks away moisture and eliminates heat to keep your horse comfortable throughout the entire run.

Veredus offers stylish and high tech stirrup irons that look great too!

The Veredus ‘E-VENTO’ stirrup irons are lightweight yet highly protective for your horse. Constructed with micro perforated AEROX fabric as well as 3D mesh ducted fabric with a shock absorber system to reduce impact shock during high impacts, these irons remain dry regardless of weather conditions or terrain. With no water absorption system, they stay dry no matter what the conditions may be.

Shock Absorber Line – Durable polyurethane foam pads designed to absorb shocks during high impacts.

Veredus has been providing horse riders with protection since 2000 and offers a comprehensive selection of boots to fit your needs, such as Nero, Piaffe, Guarnieri and Magnetik lines. Their magnetic therapy boots have also become well known for stimulating blood flow to legs which helps speed healing timeframes. Many top riders and professionals opt for Veredus boots due to their protection, comfort and performance qualities.

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