Veredus Tendon Boots

Veredus Tendon Boots

Veredus tendon boots provide superior protection without restricting your horse’s freedom of movement. Crafted with advanced technical materials, they’re lightweight and easy to maintain.

Tendon Boots with Double Ventilation

These open-front tendon boots are the first jumping gaiters to provide double ventilation for maximum comfort. Heat released from your horse’s leg passes through a microperforated neoprene layer and is distributed throughout 3D mesh ducted fabric. Fresh air enters through an air inlet which sets heat trapped within channelled mesh fabric in motion, before it’s conducted upwards towards an exhaust grille.

Carbon Gel Vento STS

These double ventilated tendon boots are lined with a special synthetic STS material that’s easy to wash and quick dry, as well as extremely durable – meaning your boots will last longer and look great too.

These anatomically designed shoes provide optimal comfort. They feature a carbon support inserted in the shell and gel pad which offers maximum protection at the flexor tendon and fetlock area.

These tendon boots feature a polyurethane shell at the front, and carbon fibre at the back to protect against impact and dissipate shock. Adjustable to fit all legs with elastic straps that lock into place securely, these boots offer maximum flexibility.

They may be a bit on the expensive side, but they are highly sought-after and widely used by riders. Their soft lining makes them comfortable for horses and helps prevent any rubbing. Plus, these lightweight saddles come with air vents – an invaluable feature.

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