Veredus Open Front Boots

Veredus Open Front Boots

Veredus Open Front Boots

Created to provide your horse with maximum protection and comfort, these boots boast an anatomically shaped shell and soft lining. Lightweight and easy to put on, these boots provide superior support for flexor tendon and fetlock while offering high impact protection. Perfect for dressage, jumping or everyday schooling activities alike – Veredus Open Front Boots provide superior support at its highest level of impact protection.

Olympus Jump Boots (Black)

Veredus Olympus Jump Boots are the premier open front boot, featuring wider and stronger dimensions than traditional jump boots for added shock absorption and tendon support during high-impact competitions. Anatomically shaped to provide greater freedom of movement at knee and fetlock joint, these open front jump boots come complete with an EVA foam lined strike plate to provide maximum shock absorption.

Veredus Carbon Gel Vento STS and Sheepskin Lined Boots

Veredus Carbon Gel VENTO STS Open Front Tendon Boots feature double ventilation to prevent heat buildup on the leg. An AEROX perforated neoprene layer allows air into the boots as your horse moves, channeling heat away through 3D mesh ducted fabric. Plus, its ventilated neoprene lining is combined with carbon fiber-covered Nitrexgel which acts like a strike barrier while absorbing shocks up to 40% more energy.

Save the Sheepskin Liningd Boots

Veredus SAVE THE SHEEP liners offer anti-chafe protection and breathability to prevent overheating due to sweat. Crafted with a special synthetic STS material, these boots offer an up-to-date alternative to sheepskin while being easy to wash and dry.

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