Veredus Jump Boots

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Veredus Jump Boots

Veredus Jump Boots

Our protective boots are designed to give your horse maximum protection without restricting his movements over fences. Crafted with advanced technical materials, our selection includes tendon boots, overreach boots, fetlock styles such as Pro Jump and Young Horse styles in various colours; plus therapeutic magnetic products to keep your horse’s legs healthy and strong.

Veredus Carbon Gel Vento STS Tendon Boots offer superior protection and comfort, offering a modern alternative to traditional sheepskin. Their double ventilation system utilizes an Aerox micro-perforated neoprene layer which draws cool air in while heat is released from the boot through 3D mesh ducted fabric.

These stylish jeans were moulded to our legs and provided ample support with a secure single strap that’s easy to use. Furthermore, they were machine washable – so we could clean them after each ride, keeping them looking new.

These show jumping fetlock boots boast a stylish, lightweight design with polyurethane shell and Neoprene padding for shock absorption. Equipped with elasticated straps and fast release ferrules that are narrower than regular hook holes, these boots are easy to adjust and secure with ease.

Veredus’ Carbon Gel Vento fetlock boots provide maximum protection for front tendons, with anatomically-shaped designs to fit perfectly on a horse’s leg. Lining these boots is made with an advanced synthetic STS material that’s easy to clean, quick drying and long-lasting.

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