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Veredus TRC Vento boots

The ideal horse riding boots are those that provide the optimal balance of protection and comfort. Veredus is a leading manufacturer of these products, offering an extensive range of tendon boots, overreach boots and fetlock boots to suit all disciplines.

At Mary’s, you can find the lowest Veredus horse boot prices from leading manufacturer brands. Find your ideal pair of dressage, cross country or show jumping horse boots today!


Veredus boots are engineered with the horse and rider in mind, offering both comfort and protection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and advanced technologies, these boots stand out from competitors with their tagline “Riding to Excellence” at their core. Available for a range of disciplines and riders alike, Veredus has something special for everyone.


Veredus horse riding boots are the ideal choice for anyone searching for a durable pair of protection boots for their horse. Not only do they shield the legs and hooves from harm during galloping or jumping long distances, but also provide comfort to the rider.

Veredus offers a comprehensive selection of boots to meet all needs and budgets, all backed by excellent customer service. Mary’s Equitation is proud to offer Veredus products for both horses and riders at unbeatably competitive prices.

The Vento Carbon Gel Open Front Boot is the most sought-after horse boot model, boasting double venting for superior protection. Crafted from manmade fabric and lambskin, these boots provide comfort and warmth while shielding your horse’s legs from injury.

Another popular model is the Olympus Open Front Boots, made of TECHNO Sheepskin for extra protection and featuring double venting – they’re popular among hunters and race horses alike.

These boots also come in an ankle version, making them a great alternative for dressage riders who don’t want to wear high heels. Furthermore, you can select from an array of colors to complement your horse’s unique coloration.

If you are a hunter, the TR PRO Fetlock Boot is an ideal choice as it has less thickness and weight than most other fetlock boots. Its wide velcro straps distribute force from the strike plate, giving your horse more freedom of movement.

For cross country competition, the E-Vento XC Front Event Boot is engineered with your event horse in mind. Its soft channel shell and foam strike plates enable your horse to move freely while still staying safe within the event arena.

The flexor tendon is protected against impact by the Nitrexgel layer, which softens impacts up to 40%. Furthermore, the anatomically shaped dual-density shell provides additional support to the fetlock.

Veredus has introduced their Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots, designed in collaboration with show jumper Marcus Ehning. Constructed with lightweight yet highly resistant carbon on the outer layer and micro-perforated Aerox neoprene on the inner side to promote air circulation within the boots, these boots offer unbeatable value.


Veredus horse riding boots are engineered with the rider in mind and their horse’s comfort in mind. This Italian brand strives to create quality equipment that is innovative, functional and long-lasting. Its designs and materials are based on scientific research and technologies.

Veredus offers a comprehensive range of protective horse riding boots, covering cross country, jumping and dressage styles. Engineered with professionals in mind, each detail has been tested to guarantee each product is comfortable, secure and built to last.

E-Vento XC Hind Event Boots are an innovative product designed to protect the hind tendons while offering riders more movement. Wide velcro straps distribute pressure evenly across the hind leg, while Veredus’ proprietary AEROX neoprene wicks away moisture and eliminates heat buildup.

Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots were developed with Marcus Ehning in mind and feature a lightweight yet strong carbon shell combined with micro perforated Aerox neoprene and 3D mesh ducted fabric to provide maximum protection for the flexor tendon and fetlock area. Furthermore, these boots provide double ventilation by drawing cool air in through the bottom vents and releasing heat through the top vents.

Veredus offers a selection of fetlock boots, such as the TRC Vento Save the Sheep tendon boots which use synthetic sheep skin lining for more comfort and looseness than actual sheepskin does. This Techno Sheepskin lining is breathable, soft, quick-drying and releases sand and fibres from skin for longevity. Plus, it can easily be washed for extra longevity too.

Veredus offers a comprehensive range of tendon boots, overreach boots, fetlock boots and more. Additionally, the brand provides therapeutic magnetic products which stimulate blood flow to expedite healing after strenuous competitions.

Mary’s stocks the finest Veredus tendon boots, overreach boots, and fetlock boots at unbeatably low manufacturer prices with unparalleled customer service. Additionally, our inventory features the newest Veredus Absolute Front Velcro English Dressage Boots designed by Isabell Werth – who boasts 30 years of experience at competitive dressage levels and works closely with Veredus during their design process.


Veredus is an Italian brand that produces equestrian equipment with the perfect combination of modern technology and classic style, creating high-quality protective horse boots. Their designs are tailored to professional riders’ specific needs to provide maximum protection while meeting all safety requirements.

Veredus offers a comprehensive line of horse riding boots for dressage, jumping and cross country that combine an elegant aesthetic with durable protection. Their boots boast anatomically-designed boot styles, padded seats and gel pads to aid recovery after injury. Plus they use Magnetik therapy method which helps speed up healing time for horses injuries by stimulating blood flow in their legs.

This brand is renowned for its superior quality and outstanding customer service. Its legendary horse boots have become a go-to choice among top riders and professionals in dressage, show jumping, and hunter/jumper events alike.

Many riders and trainers choose Veredus for its superior level of protection and comfort, innovative design, and focus on natural products for horses. Its tagline “Riding to Excellence” underscores their mission: helping horses and their riders reach their full potentials.

They offer an extensive selection of saddle pad sets and other equestrian equipment designed to keep your horse happy and healthy. Their products are manufactured using only top-tier materials in various colors for added visual appeal.

Veredus offers a selection of horse boots as well as rider footwear and therapeutic products. This collection includes saddle pads and other equestrian accessories, along with magnetic therapy items to promote blood flow in the legs.

Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save the Sheep fetlock boots offer a comfortable and loose construction made of man-made fabric and lambskin for both your horse and you. As it can be washed more easily than sheep skin, its appearance stays longer too.

This fetlock boot has a dual ventilation system to prevent overheating of the horse’s leg and tendons. Heat is radiated from their leg through micro-perforated neoprene that is then dispersed through 3D mesh ducted fabric.

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