Veredus Bell Boots

Veredus Bell Boots

Versedus Boots

Versedus is a globally-recognized leader in high-quality equestrian protective horse boots. By adhering to an eco-friendly philosophy and applying modern research and knowledge, they have earned riders and professionals’ trust around the world.

The VEREDUS range provides competition horses with the protection they need to safeguard their legs, tendons and cannon bones while riding long distances, galloping or jumping solid obstacles. In dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing disciplines where performance matters most, top riders around the world rely on this company for helping them reach their objectives.

Selecting Bell Boots

When looking for bell boots to use for turnout, opt for a pair that’s durable and easy to wash off. Rubber bell boots tend to be the best option as they’re easy to clean and prevent sand from sticking to them.

Pull-on style bell boots, which you slide over your horse’s foot and secure with velcro closure, are also available. While more expensive than open bell boots, they save time as they’re easier to put on and take off.

Overreach Boots

Overreach boots, also referred to as reach boots, are designed to protect your horse’s front hoof from being clipped by the hind foot while working or being turned out. They come in rubber or neoprene and can be secured with double locking hook velcro or pulled-on type that goes up over your horse’s hoof.

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