Anatomical Bridles

There are many anatomical bridles to choose from, no matter if you’re a novice rider or a seasoned one. It takes a little research to find the best one for your horse and you. These bridles are designed to fit the horse’s anatomy, providing comfort and control.

PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden offers a variety of anatomical bridles, whether you are looking for a bridle to use for dressage, jumping, or show jumping. These bridles eliminate the pressure points and discomfort that traditional bridles can create and provide a more comfortable riding experience for your horse.

Anatomical Bridles include nosebands which do not put pressure on sensitive nerves. They also provide extra padding to cushion the horse’s jaw. These bridles also allow for better blood circulation and less tension in your horse’s muscles.

PS of Sweden anatomical bridles also feature an anatomically shaped headpiece and browband that help distribute pressure across your horse’s head. The noseband is adjustable so that you can choose the level of pressure you want. The browband is adjustable with a click-it system that allows for quick changes even while your horse wears the bridle.

PS of Sweden also offers anatomical bridles. They also offer reins and cradles that will help your horse’s mouth to connect with yours. These reins come with cradles that allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s jaw, creating a more gentle feel and even pressure. They can be used in all disciplines and are made to be as comfortable as possible.

Rambo Micklem

Rambo Micklem Multi anatomical bridle

Rambo Micklem designed the anatomical Rambo Micklem bridles. They are anatomically made to fit the horse’s skull. They are designed to avoid pressure on sensitive areas, such as the facial nerves and molar teeth.

The noseband’s curved shape is gentle on the main facial nerves and avoids protruding jaw bones. Traditional bridles may place pressure on these areas due to the horse’s higher top jaw. It can also cause bruising or lacerations to the mouth.

The Micklem Bridle has a padded, wide-brimmed browband, chin, throat and throat strap guard. This reduces pressure. It also features a shaped, higher-sitting headpiece. This is designed to spread the weight evenly over the poll, which helps to minimise pressure on the molar teeth. The thick leather padding in the headpiece prevents nerves being pinched at the poll.

In addition to its anatomical design, the Rambo Micklem bridle has a distinctive, sporty look. It is hand finished with the highest quality leather. It also features a glitter browband.

The bridle can be equipped with bit straps and supplementary mouthguards. But the main benefit is that it provides more comfort for the horse. The bridle is appropriate for all levels.


Designed to provide extra comfort for your horse, the Dy’on Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle is a top choice among the top show jumpers. The bridle has a classic flash noseband, and is padded in 2mm neoprene. It also features brass hardware and fancy matching colored stitching.

The Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle is regarded as the best anatomical bridle. The noseband is anatomically shaped and spreads pressure more evenly over the horse’s face. The browband is also padded to provide additional comfort. You can choose from a variety colors for the bridle.

Dy’on’s New English Collection was also created to help you look your best. It features a unique anatomic headpiece that is reminiscent of the S-shaped headpiece found in the D Collection. It is also made from Grade 1 Catalan leather and uses a vegetable tanning process to ensure durability. It is also discreetly designed to fit with any horse. It is a must-have for any rider who is aiming to impress.

The Dy’on D Collection has a special S-shaped Headpiece that is a must have for any rider who values quality tack. It also has a solid brass hardware, which helps to complete the sexy look. The tack is finished with cream coloured decorative stitching. The bridle can be ordered in full, pony, and cob sizes.


Anatomical Bridles are made with your horse’s anatomy in mind. They have features like a soft feel rein and an anatomically designed noseband. These features can relieve pressure on your horse’s face, neck, and ears, while also avoiding pressure points.

The Rhinegold Leather Comfort Display Bridle is made from top notch German leather and features a clever style. It has a comfort design bridle and a leather fob that prevents metal contact with your horse. The cheek piece in the above mentioned headpiece is curved to distribute pressure evenly.

It’s easy to see why anatomical Bridles are so popular than their traditional counterparts. These bridles are made of softly padded leather with an anatomically shaped crown. Many anatomical bridles include a padded crank buckle. The crank noseband can be adjusted twice for a perfect fit.

There are many styles of anatomical bridles. The most basic bridle will likely come with a padded noseband, which helps alleviate pressure on the ears. It’s also a good idea to consider a bridle with a padded headpiece, which will cradle your horse’s ears while allowing more airflow. A curved crown might also be beneficial for comfort at the poll.

Waldhausen Island anatomic bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle

Designed to be the best for your horse, the Schockemohle Equitus Beta Anatomical Bridle is a well made tack that is made to meet the most demanding equestrian sports requirements. Developed by the experts at Schockemohle Sports, it features an advanced ergonomic design that maximizes comfort for your horse.

The bridle is made from super soft, durable materials and has a cordon-of-queue that keeps your horse warm. It also contains a Topline, a nastro and a pair cordins. These are all very useful.

The curved caveson is a clever design feature that helps to reduce pressure on the horse’s neck and spares important blood vessels. The cleverly designed browband also does a trick by bypassing the main facial nerve. The USDF and FEI have approved the bridle for international competition.

The snaffles feature a wide browband, round crystals, a softly padded noseband and a locking strap that keeps the bridle in place. The snaffle is more elaborate than other snaffles from the brand. It features a wider browband, a more extensive and padded noseband, and a slightly wider and longer noseband.

The Schockemohle Equitus Bridle has been a huge hit with horse lovers in recent years. It has won the hearts and minds of many. The bridle has been proven to be reliable in international competitions. It boasts the most advanced technology that will allow your horse to reach its maximum potential.

Presteq FaySport Bridle

The PresTeq FaySportbridle is ideal for horse riders, as it features 12 anatomical characteristics. It is made from vegetable tanned leather that is soft and gentle on skin. The bridle was designed to provide maximum comfort and avoid pressure on vital muscles, nerves, and bones. It is also very easy to adjust.

Traditional bridles run over the jaw joint and can cause discomfort for horses. The curved noseband of the FaySport bridle relieves pressure and compression from the sensitive areas of the face. The noseband is lined with gel, providing additional comfort.

The bridle is available in black, brown and cob sizes. It is also available as a full size. It is a popular choice for dressage riders. It is equipped with a padded and adjustable noseband with an integrated flash. It also features a dual-back fastening mechanism.

The headpiece is also anatomically shaped, and distributes pressure over the poll and poll area. It also relieves pressure from the neck and upper jaw. This design reduces pressure on the infraorbital areamen.

Two gel cushions are fitted to the bridle, one on each side. This allows horses to distribute the bit pressure over a wider area. This feature is especially useful for young horses and for horses with a sensitive mouth. It allows the horse to focus and relax while it performs its task.

Horsegear Cygnus

Designed to fit your horse’s head, anatomical bridles relieve pressure and provide maximum comfort. They can help your horse avoid sensitive areas like the nose and ears.

Anatomical bridles have soft padding and are designed to distribute pressure over the nose and poll areas. You can adjust them to make it fit your horse perfectly.

The noseband of anatomical bridles is usually curved. This allows for maximum reduction of pressure on the fine nasal bones. The brow band of the bridle may also be curved. These bridles are very popular in dressage and show jumping.

Anatomical Bridles may also include a chinstrap. This is a piece made of leather that attaches at the lower end to the noseband. The chinstrap is a part of the bridle that is designed to ensure the perfect fit. It is important to try on your bridle before you purchase it. If your horse has a noseband that does not attach to the chinstrap, you will need to find a bridle that has an integrated noseband.

Some bridles come with additional padding. The padded nasalband relieves pressure on the poll and nose, as well as the molars of the upper jaw. It can also be used to encourage your horse’s acceptance of the bit.

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